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Individualized Medicine

Homeopathy is holistic individualized medicine.

We don’t just treat symptoms. We use symptoms to guide us in finding each individual their very own unique remedy.

There is no one-remedy-fits-all. When you come to a homeopath, it’s all about YOU, the individual.

You are your very own universe. Everything in your life matters.

• Where you come from

• What you’ve experienced

• How you’ve experienced it

• What pain do you carry

• Where is your pain

• How does your suffering show up

• What triggers your suffering

• What makes you feel good

• How do you get sick

• What illnesses are in your family

• Do you prefer hot/cold, am/pm

• What’s your poop like

You get the idea.

It’s our job as homeopaths to see you. To hear you. As you are.

There is nobody else like you who has lived the life you’ve lived. This i why you need a medicine that is as unique as you are.


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