Frequently asked questions

What is homœopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural healing system that has been used with success for over 200 years in both acute and chronic forms of disease as well as injuries and surgical recovery. It has none of the side effects of most of the conventional medicines and is made from natural substances. Although Homeopathy uses medicines derived from natural substances, it should not be confused with Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Essential Oils, or Supplements.

How can homœopathy help me?

Homœopathy works to stimulate your vital force. It awakens your body's own natural inclination to heal itself. First Aid: Homeopathy can be used in first aid to safely help common ailments such as sprains and bruises, minor burns, poison ivy, diaper rash and insect bites, teething pain, etc. Acute Care: Acute health problems are those in which the symptoms will eventually go away on their own. They are temporary conditions, such as colds, flu and coughs. Homeopathy can help you recover comfortably and quickly. Constitutional Care: Constitutional homeopathy addresses each person as a whole, including past and present symptoms, on a physical, emotional, and mental level. When a remedy is accurately selected, homeopathic constitutional care can bring about a profound healing response. Homeopathy can be extremely effective in reversing chronic and long-term health problems.

How fast should I see results?

Homeopathy can work in seconds or it can take years. It all depends on the circumstances and how one defines " work. " Generally speaking, a really good constitutional remedy will begin to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly, sometimes within days, and then continue to have a positive effect over months and years. The severity and history of the problems will usually determine the length of time needed for true recovery to happen. For example, a chronic pathology such as lifelong asthma will take more time to heal than an acute case of poison ivy.

How much do remedies cost?

Most single remedies are $10. I recommend getting a kit for acute care needs. Those can range from roughly $55-$200 and up depending on how many remedies you are getting.

What kind of conditions or diseases can homœopathy be used for?

Homeopathy is used for a broad range of sufferings including acute inflammations, systemic imbalances, chronic degenerative diseases and mental/emotional disturbances. By its very nature, homeopathic treatment is not specific to a particular illness, but is directed at the underlying state of the person suffering from that illness. By addressing this state, the appropriately chosen remedy effectively addresses the whole person and their illnesses.

Is homœopathy just a placebo?

It is not necessary to "believe in" homeopathy for it to work. All you have to do to see that is notice that it works on babies and animals.

Is it ok for children, pregnant women, elderly people or animals to take homeopathic remedies?

Absolutely. Homeopathy is safe from the age of newborn to the elderly and can easily be used for all kinds of animals.