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**This is NOT a video consult. When ordering acute care, you will be asked to select a time and date, that is only for the purpose of creating your portal and is not an appointment.**

What is Acute Care?

The goal of acute care is to stimulate your body's own healing response to move your symptoms in the direction of cure.


Homeopathy does not STOP, SUPPRESS, or PALLIATE symptoms.

The correct remedy should provide comfort while your body does the job of processing the acute disturbance.

Please note: Some acute illnesses are actually chronic. Acute illness can also stimulate chronic illness that is seemingly unrelated. If this is the case, it may be necessary to schedule a consultation for chronic homeopathic care.


Step One

know the goal

The goal of homeopathic care is to wake up the natural healing response in the body.

Homeopathy is much different from all other forms of medicine. It does not try to

suppress or palliate symptoms,

but works with symptoms to move them in the right direction toward cure.

Step two

submit the acute form

Our journey begins here. Share the experience of your suffering with me.


Describe exactly what it feels like to you.

General symptoms like 'cough', 'fever', and 'sore throat' are not as helpful as telling me about how you are suffering from the cough, fever, or sore throat. What feels bad about the symptoms?


Describe the experience of the suffering that is coming from being ill or injured.

Your mood and disposition tell me the most.

Think about how you are reacting to your environment and other people.


What makes your symptoms better?

What are your symptoms asking for? What do your symptoms need?


Conversely, what can your symptoms NOT tolerate?

What aggravates them and causes more suffering?


Step three

working with the homeopath

You will receive an invite by email to join Better App.

Once you have accepted the invite,

download the Practice Better App.


You will be contacted through the messenger in the Better App. Turn your notifications on.

Please be available to have a short messaging conversation to answer any follow up questions.


Be prompt and descriptive in your answers.

If response time is slow, I’ll have to move on to other clients, which could make your wait time longer.

Step four

choosing your remedy

It takes a good deal of information to match a remedy!

So I ask a lot of questions. Bear with me.


Good communication can go a long way in helping the homeopath help you.

You might need more than one remedy,

but never more than one at a time.

Symptoms change as the body processes illness.

As symptoms change, the remedy can too.

If you don’t own a kit, you can expect that you may need to go to the store more than once.


Step five

taking your dose

Pay attention! This part is important.

Now that your remedy has been selected, it’s time to dose!

You will receive your remedy recommendation in the protocol section of your Better App Portal. (side note: even though this says protocol, there are no protocols in homeopathy)

It will give you the remedy name and potency, and instructions for taking a dose and information on the frequency of dosing.

You’ll want to avoid brushing your teeth and drinking coffee within 15-20 min of taking remedy.

dosing methods


Place one dry pellet under your tongue


Prepare your water

Put one pellet in four ounces of water and stir

The pellet does not need to dissolve

One small sip = One dose


All redosing is done in water

Stir or shake remedy water

One small sip = One dose



The frequency of your dosing will depend on your body's response to the remedy, so this will be different for everyone.

Once we establish the match, this is the general rule of thumb:

If you improve from the remedy,

you dose when you regress.

DO NOT DOSE unless the homeopath has given you instructions on how/when to do so.

Step six

following up

When it is time to give me updates, find the updates journal in the Journal section of your portal.

Give me as much information as possible.

What has improved? What is the worst symptom currently?


What is the worst part about that symptom?

How is your mood currently?

It is your responsibility to give me updates.

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