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**Please note that when scheduling constitutional care that this is NOT a video consult. Practice Better will ask that you select a time and date, that is only for the purpose of getting it on my calendar.**


What is Constitutional Care?

The goal of homeopathic care is to wake up the natural healing response in the body.

Homeopathy is much different from all other forms of medicine.

It does not try to
 suppress or palliate symptoms, but works with symptoms to move them in the right direction toward cure.

The Goal

Constitutional Care aims to wake up the vital force so that it will orchestrate all the systems and functions of the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual processes with one goal: "to cure".

Homeopathy recognizes that the Vital Force is the energy that is at the back of all healing. However, this vital energy is often not working at its potential because of many reasons. Suppression, genetics (miasms), medicines, diet, activity, grief, trauma, etc. can all be  detrimental to the basic function of our constitutions.

This is a process in

awakening the body's knowledge to heal itself.


Many people resort to homeopathy as a last ditch effort. This usually means that there has already been a lot of suppression that has to be addressed. These kinds of cases can take longer to get to the core.

If you have had chronic ailments for long spans of time, please make sure your expectations are reasonable.  With the right remedy, you will see changes and improvements quickly, however it does take time to assimilate changes into our lives and to incorporate the lifestyle changes that are often needed along the way.

The Plan

The initial consult includes:

- the set up of your portal

- in depth intake and consult questionnaires

- welcome kit

- maintenance of your case for three weeks

At this point you can decide if you are going to continue care

a la carte or purchase a membership.

A follow up is half of getting started. Once the first remedy is given, we will get some kind of response. Our first meeting is all about observing your current state of health and the follow up is observing changes to see if you remember your worst complaint.

It is quite easy to forget about old sufferings and find new ones. Over time, these patterns will make themselves more clear and it will make your remedy more apparent.


or A La Carte

When I begin working with a person, I'm investing time into the picture of your suffering. I don't take this lightly. The kinds of people I work best with are those that are serious about their commitment and want to take charge of their health.

The style of service I provide is an ongoing, open ended portal that allows for the homeopathic conversation to continue. In order to not charge by the hour, I have created memberships to provide stability to our partnership that can reasonably fit into a family budget.

Membership is the most affordable way to commit to constitutional homeopathic care.

Everyone starts here

Beginner Package


Portal Set Up


Messenger Consulting

Remedy Selection and Instruction

Welcome Gift

Then, choose your plan,

Individual - $75/month

Couple - $125/month

Family of 3 - $150/mo

Family of 4 - $175/mo

Family of 5 or more $200/mo


Plans include:

One follow up per member per month

$35 acutes

Care a la carte:

Follow ups  - $100

Acute Care - $75-$125

Follow ups chats in Better - $25/day

Once you Schedule your appointment, you will download the Practice Better App and fill out the Intake Quesionnaire.

the initial consult

**At this time, this is NOT a video/call service**

The initial consult consists of three steps:

The Intake Questionnaire - This gives me a brief overview of your case, plus your family and person health history.

Initial Consult Form - This form takes the place of all the initial questions I ask. It is very important that you take a good amount of time to reflect on your answers and describe to me in detail everything that you feel in relation to each question.

Follow Up Chat - Once I have received and reviewed your forms, I will message you through your portal to get any clarification I need to decide on your remedy. This can be a lengthy chat as I get to understand you the best I can. This is called the "homeopathic conversation".

You can use either your internet browser or your app.

awaiting remedy

We've had our session. Now I do the science and art part.

Sometimes during this time, I may need to ask some follow up questions to help me decide between remedies. If so, you will be contacted through the messenger in the Better App.


Please set your notifications to receive messages.

Once I have decided which remedy and potency match you best, you will receive this information along with instructions in your own protocol section.

I will send you your welcome kit within 2-3 days.

your remedy

Your personalized protocol will be delivered via email and will also be available in your Practice Better App.


You will receive the remedy name and potency, along with instructions for how to get the remedy,

and how to prepare and take the remedy.

There you will also find what to do next:

write in your journal

timeline to follow up

The most common question is,

"do I really just take one single dose?"

Yes, you read that correctly. Less is always more in homeopathy, so I will always try to give you the least amount of doses necessary.

after your remedy

Your body should speak up.

A remedy that is close, but no cigar, may leave us with no changes. This is the least likely response to happen.

Usually a remedy will provide us with some answers.

We may see symptoms go away, but not improve the overall symptoms.

Sometimes, we'll see an improvement in overall symptoms, but other symptoms that have been suppressed in the past may reappear.

Or we could see the most important symptoms come to the surface and provide a deeper understanding to the nature of your core suffering and lead us to a better remedy match.

It helps to go into this process with curiosity, ready to listen to what your body has to say.

after the follow up

What happens next will always depend on your body's response to remedies. Your body/mind/spirit is our guide through this.

What we want to see is healing from the inside out. We want symptoms to move in the "direction of cure".

We want to see anxiety and depression lessening, and physical symptoms becoming easier to move through.

When the vital force responds, you will be more likely to listen to your inner needs and find it easier to make intentional healthy choices. Your blocks will become apparent and we will look at each one and blast through it.


It is not necessary to analyze your past. We simply need to see how you've experienced life, how you've survived, how you have compensated.


the better system

continuous care portal

Because homeopathy depends on the responses from the body (that has it's own idea of timing), it's often unclear when you should communicate with your homeopath, when you should do a follow up, and what is important information to convey.

So I found an answer to make the homeopathic process much easier. With the better portal, you not only have direct contact with me, but also have your own journal that you can update at any time of day or night.

The benefit of the homeopathy updates journal is that I can have direct access to your updates and can respond with questions and observe the changes in real time, without having to schedule unneeded video follow ups.

In the Better App, you can:

-request follow ups

- order acute care

- message me anytime

- update your journal

- access to protocols and remedy information

Direction of cure

there is a way

All of your symptoms are connected.

We don't want to simply see your symptoms disappear, we want to see them move out AND in the right direction.

This is the right direction:


symptoms move from the top of the body downward


symptoms move from the center to the surface


there is a hierarchy to organs

we want the ones that are most vital to have least symptoms


we want to see symptoms that have been suppressed in the past to reemerge slightly before leaving the body


suffering can occur at different levels





The deeper symptoms are suppressed, the deeper they go into the levels of suffering. Physical symptoms are directly attached to disturbances in deeper levels of of the body.

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