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The Structure of an Acute

Acute symptoms are a function of the body. They have a role to play. They are curiously designed by a programmer way up the line from me. To manipulate this divinely created machinery honestly feels like blasphemy.

The body is more intelligent than me…or anyone for that matter. There is a clearly observable direction of energy that we call symptoms. When you take cold medicine to stop your nose from running, what happened to that snot? Is this question not what keeps you up at night?

Think about symptoms like an energy bubble trapped within your body. If the discharge or inflammation doesn’t come out, it goes in. If it can’t be stored in your physical body, it jumps tracks to your emotional sphere, if you can’t discharge there (cry, scream, catharsis), the bubble moves into your mind and becomes gripping fear and control and so many other anxious things.

And if you manage to suppress that, this bubble moves into your spirit, your ego is disrupted, and you slip into the abyss where your divinely created consciousness is no longer in the drivers seat. Sound unlikely? Well, this is the level of sick where someone would consider suicide or murder. And we have plenty of those every day.

This is why I celebrate physical acutes. This is why that discomfort is worth it.


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