What is Homœopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural healing system that has been used with success for over 200 years in both acute and chronic forms of disease as well as injuries and surgical recovery.


It has none of the side effects of most of the conventional medicines and is made from natural substances. Although Homeopathy uses medicines derived from natural substances, it should not be confused with Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Essential Oils, or Supplements.

Acute Vs. Constitutional Care

Acute care is for any condition where left to itself would resolve on its own and is usually characterized by symptoms coming on suddenly. This covers illnesses like colds, the flu, childhood illnesses, bronchitis, earaches, tonsillitis, injuries, infections, or bug bites. This can also be useful for healing from dental work, bone fractures, and surgeries.  

Constitutional care is everything else. It supports the whole self and is aimed at the eventual reversal of chronic ailments. This takes into account all aspects of the individual: physical, mental, emotional, temperamental, plus any susceptibilities you may carry in your genes. Examples include: eczema, asthma, trouble sleeping, acute illnesses that keep coming back, arthritis, migraines, autism, anxiety and depression, addiction, STDs, heart disease, and cancer.