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welcome to Acute Care

Cold.  Flu.  Virus.  Childhood Illness.  Bronchitis.  Infection. Tonsillitis.  Strep.  Injuries. Bug Bites Mastitis.  Stomach Ache.  Hangover.  Dental Work. Fracture.  Surgery Support.

awaken the body's knowledge to heal itself

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Acute care supports the body's natural instinct to heal and process imbalance and disease.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate a healing response from your body's constitution.


Avoiding suppression, acute care signals your body's systems to operate in the direction of cure.


Use as much detail as possible when giving your answers.

Help me understand not only your symptoms, but your whole experience of being sick.

DO NOT list general symptoms like “cough”, “fever”, “sore throat’

Tell me all about your cough
Tell me all about your fever
Tell me all about your throat

Describe sensations so I know what your symptom feels like to YOU

Please do not leave any answers blank

For more detailed tips on answering questions for a homeopath, check out this link.

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