Let's get this part over with.

Lets get this over with. We gotta get the big elephants out of the room. You know, the uncertainty that arises when you decide you want to supplement your kid’s treatment with nutrition and detoxing. 

Once you begin to dig into cancer research and the multiple ways of healing, you start to see that there's so much you can do! You feel empowered! You're ready to jump on this train and ride it all the way to cancer-free town!

It is perfectly natural to want to run to your doctor with all of your information (and I'm totally not discouraging that!), but I should forewarn you that they may not be as excited as you. Don't take it to heart. They really just don't understand the magic that is nutrition. (Which is fine, because you don't need two cooks in your kitchen!)

Your friends or family may look at you sideways when you tell them that you are doing "alternative" approaches for your child in addition to chemo. Just like well-meaning people who tell you their horrifying birth stories while you're pregnant, people will go on with nightmarish stories about natural treatments gone wrong. Tell them to stop. Politely, if you must.

My hope is that you have a supportive group of people who will be encouraging. If you don't yet, find you some good helpers. The rule of thumb is that if your people aren't helping you, they need to go on somewhere else until you've done what you need to do. No hard feelings. 

The other, less obvious, but still common reaction from digging into cancer research is the  pain that comes from realizing just how much toxic crap surrounds us everywhere. That even your baby's treatment is toxic and may cause secondary cancers and other side effects. It's awful to learn that we are literally living in a malnourished, cancer causing world. But, it's best to get past all that heartbreak as quick as you can so you can be affective right now.

It can be way too easy to get side tracked by the duopoly that is played out when it comes to western vs. any other kind of approach to medicine, but I'd like to suggest that you not get too caught up in that either. Best to leave the politics at the door.

Let's just break the weirdness down real quick for the hell of it, for the naysayers. There is no us vs. them when it comes to healing. It goes more like this:

Holism treats the

body, mind, and spirit

as a whole.

Western medicine specializes

in the individual parts.

The holistic approach that I take involves them both. Mostly because when it comes down to it, you have very little choice over your doctors' chosen protocols, but also because what you can do on your end is even more important than what a doctor does on theirs.

They are going to focus on one specific disease and the drugs they've designed to target it. You are going to focus on your kid's whole body and everything you can do to heal it. Any stress that you can eliminate from mixing the two is advised. Capiche?

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