Know It All

You are your kid's number one advocate. You always have been. You always will be. When your child is diagnosed with a disease that could potentially be life-threatening, you have to be their champion more than ever.

Yes, doctors are going to do everything they can, but their role is only half of the equation. Studies overwhelmingly show that those who take an active role in their recovery and pursue supplemental measures to support their treatment have a much better chance at not only healing their chronic disease, but also making sure that it doesn't come back.

The oncologists and nurses may not inform you on this because it is not their job. Their duties mostly consist of tests, chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation. Your job is everything else.

You have to empower yourself to become a cancer expert. Hit the internet. Read the books. Talk to everyone you know. Get all of the opposing opinions. Watch all of the documentaries. Hire a cancer coach to help you. Learn everything you can about your kid's cancer and what you can do to help with its healing.

There is SOOOOO MUCHHH to learn. But here is a starter list of resources to get you going:


Cancer Response Team

My Kid Cures Cancer

The Truth About Cancer

Cancer Tutor

American Anti-Cancer Institute

Healing Cancer Naturally

Chris Beat Cancer


Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business