The Truth About Doctors

"Your child has cancer."

When you're a mother, looking into the eyes of a doctor whose name tag says oncology, and she tells you that they are going to do everything they can to make your baby better, your mama bear heart is going to believe them.

Which is good, because they're telling you the truth.

They are going to do everything they know how to do in order to create and process the protocol that best suits your baby's kind of cancer according to what they know. These doctors and nurses are good and hard working people who have spent their entire lives dedicated to medicine. There is no reason to believe that they would lie to you or do anything that would harm your child on purpose.

The trouble with this scenario is that in nearly every case of childhood cancer, doctors inform you of what only they can do and usually fall just short of telling you what

you, the


shirt-wearing mama

can do to help.

If you knew what you could do, you would!

The reason doctors don't tell you about nutrition, detox, etc. is not because they're not good doctors, but because they had exactly zero hours studying nutrition through their whole thirteen year climb to residency.

Trust me, if she knew the wonders of the medicinal use of food, she would prescribe that! If she knew the dangers of toxic foods, she would tell you not to eat them! If she knew how to assist toxins out of your body, she would inform you on that process!

But she simply does not know.

I mean, if the doc is telling you that a "normal toddler diet" will suffice, why would you disagree? Besides that, there's snack baskets everywhere in the clinic. Popsicles are offered with chemo! The nutritionist there even says to "keep the calories high so they don't lose weight. Bring on the ice cream!" Surely, they know what they're talking about! They wouldn't be intentionally putting a kid in harm's way!

And that's the truth, doctors and nurses would never knowingly do anything that would put your kid in danger. At least, that is what I'm always going to assume.

They simply have no idea about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, nor do they understand the harm that can be had by consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD).

So this is where I come in this month. I'm going to tell you what you can do to help heal your kid's cancer, support their whole body holistically, and reduce the unwanted side effects from chemo. But mostly, I'm just going to empower you, so you can fight for your baby.

"Each patient carries his own doctor inside of him.

We are at our best

when we give the doctor who resides within...

a chance to go to work."

-Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Stay tuned.

I'm going to blow a hole in the myth that sugar feeds cancer!

I'll explain why sugar is essential to healing.

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