Onward and Upward

It's all shifting.

And the astro says it's not just my world that's transforming into a new one. Energy has been building slowly for a long time, like up a giant roller coaster that's about to reach its peak before the ride.

Don't worry though. We will all fall into place. Just follow the synchronistic signs. We are destined to go in the right direction, but it may be via going off the rails.

For me, my life was at a standstill for the longest time, making progress in very small increments. A few steps forward, a few back. Now everything is about to start moving fast. My kiddos will be going to the best school I can imagine for them. I will be working full time for myself doing what I love. And on the day that all takes place, there's a full solar eclipse directly over my city! What are the chances?! I'm grateful for this wink from the universe. Saying "yes" to this new venture has not been easy.

Is your life turning into something you don't even recognize?

Is it coming through a series of heartaches or setbacks? I hope not, but if so, hold on tight. The best is really yet to come. The Great Spirit may just clearing space for a new life to fit in.

Have you been fighting a battle forever and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Or does it feel like nothing is changing at all?

I'm curious how everything is syncing up for you.

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