What does real free Healthcare Look Like? THIS is what real free Healthcare Looks Like!

Yea, so I haven't stopped marching and there's still Sharpie on my arms.

Our health is a personal responsibility. There is widespread misunderstanding that healthcare is something that you don’t have a right to without insurance companies. And in some cases this is true within the established healthcare scene. Like the other day when I called Vanderbilt Women’s Imaging to get my breast ultrasound, I told the pleasant lady that I was self-pay. Her tone quickly lowered and she informed me that they don’t see self-pay patients and quickly hung up, as if I was scum.

Insurance companies take advantage of your trust in the system. If I don't want the treatments that they will approve of, or I want the ones they deny, then I'm on my own. I realize I'm generalizing a lot, but most of the time your health (or lack there of), is something that you have more control over that you may realize.

Healthcare is perceived to be something that should be left to the professionals, like doctors with drug dealer degrees (DdD) or people who believe in dogma medicine. Like the radiologist at St.Thomas Breast Health, who upon finding out that I get thermography screenings instead of mammograms, went on a tirade about there being NO SCIENCE behind such methods and compared thermography to a Ouija board. I told him my tarot cards warned me he would say that. I should have told this doctor about the "science" behind nutrition so his face wouldn’t be so red from high-cholesterol and his buttons wouldn’t be busting from his diabetic belly. Sorry, but when you go to doctors who don’t take care about their own health, you have to wonder how much they really know about yours. The thermography screenings I’ve had were not only incredibly informative, but the practitioner spent time with me going over #realtreatments, like dry brushing and other lifestyle habits... Simple, effective, cheap. I doubt many doctors would admit that a technique that dates back to Hippocrates and is a staple in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine would even do anything. However, those so-called pseudo-scientific, radiation-free (conflict of interest), heat scans showed me that what I was doing was working cause my inflammation went down!

These are just two examples out of thousands of preposterous treatment from doctors who are threatened by patients who take charge of their own health. More and more people are waking up to see that doctors, as nice as they can be (most come with a good heart), are not supporting their patients in a holistic way at all, especially and most importantly with nutrition. They're not trained to. And more over, these doctors belittle the real medicine that would benefit their patients the most! Like, vegetables. So what is health? The World Health Organization defines health as a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” According to Wikipedia, Health for humans is defined as “the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social changes”. It is not defined as something that I have to outsource to people I don’t know, to approve a procedure or treatment that I probably don't need. It does not mean that I need drugs, when Mother Earth grew us a treasure trove of medicine all around us that the majority of treating physicians know nothing about. Health is the result of the combination of taking in nutrients from your surroundings and expelling the toxins that are not needed in the body, mind, or spirit. It is all intertwined and cannot be separated into “specialties”. It’s the process of regulation, which implies that what you do on a r-e-g-u-l-a-r basis will determine your health. There’s just no other way around it. Sorry. So how do you health-care?

Well obviously first, you have to care about your health more than you care about comfort, for a while anyway. Real healing isn’t fun or quick and many times you get sicker (during detox) before you get better. You may also have to unlearn everything you ever knew about health, considering the brainwashing campaigns on behalf of big agriculture companies. And the endless commercials for “ask your doctor” drugs. That can be hard on the ego. You need to take care of you in a few different ways, as mentioned by our definitions above. Health is much more that just eating good and exercising, although that’s definitely a good start! We have to include the impact from emotions, environment, patterns, mind, hormones, society, our purpose, our space in time, and our spiritual world! Our current healthcare model has been at work for some time to make you feel like you are not capable of taking control over your own well-being. They have led you to believe that you cannot reverse the worst of conditions, like cancer, heart health, or diabetes by ways of natural and holistic medicine. They have completely and utterly failed to educate the public and their patients. They teach us to eat a not so balanced diet heavily dependent on meat, dairy, and grain. And then they teach you to medicate when those foods don't nourish you. So I’m out to prove them wrong.

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