March on Love

There’s an anger buried deep. You know how it feels. You have it. It’s the same anger that brought millions of people together today to march peacefully in empathy of each others pain. This pain comes from different places, different kinds of abuse and oppression, different struggles and challenges. But I am positive that on this day, we covered the entire map of virtues. All that is good, true, and righteous. Getting pissed off definitely has a purpose! It drives us to action! That’s what it takes sometimes to get us out of our daily slumber cycle and say, “WAIT!” “This isn’t OK!” “I’m fed the FUCK uP! I’m mad! This is injustice! Let’s all scream out and make it STOP!

I did.

Unlike yesterday when I was silent for all that I cannot change, this day I put war paint on my face and I screamed really loud. I was joined by thousands of other voices who were also screaming. Our voices were joined by the whole world in a loud powerful roar and with such strong, determined stomping that I’m sure we’ve adjusted Mother Earth’s spine into place.

And now here we are. We can’t change everything in the world all by ourselves. We have busy as shit lives. We have children with even busier schedules. We have jobs and little time to spare. But our collective momentum is strong in this moment right now, and I sure hope we can be mindful of how we continue to practice that strength in our contribution to our #realworld as the days move on. As for me, I will continue to dedicate every bit of myself to destroying Pharma, Monsanto, and the illusions that media weaves into our collective minds. I won’t win by screaming at them (or at you), but by proving through all my work that health is holistic. That life is holistic. I will give it my tears, sweat, and blood. I’ll do it all knowing that the ground will eventually swell and those beasts will fall where they may. This was the work that was put on my heart. This was my sign to carry.

I know I've rubbed some people the wrong way. Friends, family, and even strangers in the aisles of Facebook. This election cycle has been harrrrd and I’ve been less than politically correct in the blunt-ness of my outspoken-ness. (Maybe that's just my particular brand of “nasty”?) So on a personal note to you, my good and dear loving friends, sisters, brothers, mother: If you vaccinate or trust your doctor, eat fast food or take meds, if you voted for Hillary or Trump, or any other thing that I have spoken out against, please please know that my anger is not directed at you. Ever. You are my heart. My anger is for those that think that Doritos should cost less than an apple! It’s for the evil fascists who won’t educate the public or the doctors!! It’s for the sugar, salt, and fat that has consumed the senses of our country!!! It’s for the media and all of their profitable manipulation!!!! I have nothing but love for you, the fires that you carry, the anger that drives your fierceness, and the purpose that was put on your heart. For the sign that you carry and the words that you shout. At the end of the day, we all do our part to make the world a better place.

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