Soap Box March

My kids realllly want to go to this upcoming march because it's real hip. I can't blame them. I kind of want to go too. Not because I'm a feminist (I am), or because I'm for civil rights (I am) or because I think the marching will change anything that's happened (it won't).

I actually don't understand what this march is all about. I've been confused about this topic for a while. Usually I'm in that crowd, stomping my (de)feat, waving my signs of powerless cries for justice. I was all about the most recent march on the DNC when Hillary clearly stole the primary from Bernie and people were outraged. I was completely behind Standing Rock, even though the outcome will still corrupt the water somewhere, but thank God that the Natives maintained their land against the white man. But this march has this whole other hue to it. Might just be my glasses are fogged, but it seems like we're marching cause we're all mad at this one guy..who does not deserve that much power.

See, I want to march because I'm pissed off at my government too! Not because of that recent shitty reality show of an election, but because of a since-forever-history of self-interest, money, and greed on the part of Uncle Sam. Because of a media that is a disgusting giant advertising company for private interests and they have control over the public perception, and they know exactly what we "like". (We "like" Obama, so we don't need to know about the fact that on his watch, America dropped twice as many bombs as Bush - 26,171bombs in 2016 alone.) These giants have even gone about branding #fakenews to sway readers from believing the risk takers of journalism.

I want to march for the rights of the women and children in the seven countries we're currently bombing because their "race" and "equality" matters! This is extremely relevant in the global racism conversation, where America is most definitely the white nazi bully dominating the map.

America has been responsible for so. many. crimes against humanity since the beginning when the white man sent the "Indians" packing to Mexico.

Y'all....Obama deported more people than any other president during his term in office.

3.2 million people. Where's that march?

Shouldn't we be marching because the government has control over food, which is toxic, and the medicine, which is toxic. And control over the money and the media. And yet still somehow, we look to our government for safety and "regulation"?! We expect justice from them? Fair election? Moral ethics? Really? Our problem is not the government. They've always been pretty clear on who they are. Our problem is us, for thinking the system will ever be one that stems from morals or values that are not connected to money making ventures.

Shouldn't we be marching because they've been keeping us willingly enslaved in "concentration" camps of opinion, pitted against each other since the beginning? Why doesn't that make the Trump-hating, Hillary-loving-marcher MAD?

So I don't know if I'll go march or not. I'm not sure what I'd even write on my sign.

"Everything is gonna be alright"


I did write a blog, which does about as much good. I really would hate to miss a fun Rally Against the MAN-ster Fest with my friends, but I can't help but feel like the man-ster just wants us to burn off our steam, the same way we let our toddler do before bedtime to get it out of his system. Then the people go back to sleep and the government goes back to business as usual.

Isn't is time to overthrow all of that in some crazy, radical way? Detach (our emotions) from the chains they're binding us with? Release the illusion? Be The Change. Go for a walk?

I love you all. Namaste.

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