Holism is a Three Part Harmony

Our world has the fix it quick syndrome. We’ve come by it honestly, having been raised in the era of TV dinner technologies and patented medicine. When we’re sick, we feel the need to “get better quickly” and rarely do we give our body the space of sickness that it needs to heal.

Our bodies don’t just get sick overnight. Often times, it takes years to develop conditions to the point where we’re trying to fix them at all! And short term illness, like getting the flu once a year, is really kind of like a pipe cleaning, giving our immune system a good workout, if you will, yet we resist this sickness with all our might. Much the same way we resist the darkness in the world.

With the promise to cure what ails us, we take pills, or get on a diet, inject a vaccine for prevention, or join a religion. Anything to fix us, right? And yet we still find ourselves defeated, time and again. We ache, we’re stressed and depressed. Symptoms pile on one another and now you have conditions, your spine is out of whack. Our body talks back the way we’ve been talking to it. Payback can really be a B. However, the pain did not start in the body. Our problems are not simply physiological. You can't take a pill and swallow hard. Our body is a whole story of all the things that its endured, without proper acknowledgement. So the treatment of the ‘body alone’ can only put a band-aid on the deeper wounds. Our earthly vessel is simply our starting point. It’s our access to our intuitive mind and the all-encompassing spirit. The window to the soul. It is in these places that we find the true healing we need for what hurts. Which basically means that when shit feels all astray, you have the where-with-all to remind yourself that it's all good. Even with the Trumps in the world. As someone who is obsessed with subject of “healing”, I can tell you that it’s not always fun! In fact, most of the time, it sucks real bad. It’s a mysterious and garbled and confusing long hall of mirrors that you're in forever. You have to face YOU. The flawed you, the yucky you, the unloved-by-you you, everyday.

I’m currently reporting to you live from the throws of a huge detox that quickly took me to the very deep emotional and esoteric place of, “Who am I and what am I doing?”, and it’s hard here, it’s lonely. It’s hard because it takes hella self (just me) -discipline to transcend the habits/ past lives/patterns into the daily actions of my vital higher self. I have to make choices, like not jumping off a cliff cause everyone around me does. I have to resist temptations. Be temperate.

Healing, holistically, is a so much more than a wholistic diet.

The diet is just the beginning. This is how you start to communicate with your lower brain, your gut, so that you can have higher, more vital thoughts, instead of stomach impulses regarding food and mood.

Your gut is where most of your impulses come from. The rest of the animal kingdom thinks with their bellies and it leads them to eat and survive. When early humans began to cook their food, it made them able to use more of their upper brain for higher thoughts and intellect, because it spent less time breaking down food. (It’s arguable whether this was an advancement, considering that those advanced humans are attempting to destroy the earth with their "smartness", but that’s another blog.)

When you begin to let go of impulsive emotional food traps, like sugar, weed, coffee, whatevers your flavor, you realize how much you turn to food or other addictions to feed something deeper. Emotions rise up, usually irritability, anger, feelings of doubt and defeat. You make decisions in your life based on those emotions, and the cycles, whatever sickness, continues. If you were turning to live, clean, intelligent food and habits, like like water or meditation, that would be one thing, as you cannot eat too much of those! It’s the eating of the filler foods and time wasters, the iphones, that provide zero nourishment to our bodies and minds.

So to heal what’s been stuffed for decades or lifetimes, we start in our body!! Step numero uno.

Have discipline.There’s no100 calorie pack substitute for discipline.

~ Eat better (no toxins!)

~ Exercise

~ Change a habit

~ Do something with the physical body that elicits resistance in the mind and stick with it.

Once you begin to change any deep habits, the next floor from there is primal emotion/the underdeveloped mind/the gut, or even the ego.

The challenge: To rise above your reactions.

~ Meditate on your breath.

~ Learn to watch thoughts.

~ Practice progressive relaxation

~ Yoga

~ Do something with the mind to gain control of your impulses that rise from ingrained response to emotion. That's step numero dos.

Awesome. More discipline. Yippee.

In the struggle between these two worlds of body and mind/emotion, you either find your way back to the cookie jar, or you find your spirit.

Like I said, Spirit is all encompassing. Spirit is filled with all the most loved and the most hated, your best and your worst, the good and the bad, all at once, all the time. Spirit is the flow that is mysterious, a stream where anyone may jump in if they want to play with the faith card, trusting that the river flows to their true north.

So we must...

Nurture the Spirit

~ Meditate

~ Trust that all is well, even when it doesn't appear to be

~ Witness the unfoldment

~ Watch nature

~ Do something to awaken your spirit so that your body and mind submit to the higher wave. To joyous gratitude.

Three dimensions - Body, Mind, Spirit.

So what's it all for?!?! Once your habits start to change to intentional declarations of fortitude, your path changes. You begin to heal! You deal with undealt-with emotions and patterns simply by experiencing them, by granting yourself permission to feel it! With the objective sense that the world is conspiring for you! You let your higher self meet your lower self. And you let them hug it out.

{ I always suggest to my clients that they warn their spouses that while detoxing from food/habits they may not always react in the best way. I also tell them to be more aware of their reactions. I try to warn my spouse too. -love you honey}

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