the silent little c..

On this full moon, the day that Obama signs the multi-billion dollar (handout to pharma) Cures Act, I have to double down my attempts to spread the message that cures aren’t something that are new or that can be found through some new science. The cure to all disease is disciplined holism. It cannot be found in a pill. It is multi-dimensional and you usually have to face whatever you are afraid of to be truly healed. Of all that I’ve ever blogged about, this may be the hardest I’ve had to write because I have to face my own fears, my own dis-ease. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll wake up with what Brene Brown calls a vulnerability hangover, but the only way out of my own health crisis is through it. My spirit guides have assured me this is the way, so here I go. For the past decade, I’ve been sort of obsessed with cancer, as a disease and philosophically. Digging into cancer and its cures led me to falling head over heals in love with the immune system, the gut, the overall holistic nature of our that the whole thing works together and nothing is independent unto itself, that the body is not just physical, but subtle, emotional, spiritual, and affected by everything around it too, even the planets. The body mimics nature, so no matter what, it is always going to be using everything it has to attempt to heal any imbalances.

Likewise, the parasitic organisms within our body are built upon that same principle, that they will also do anything THEY can do in order to be self-sustaining and survive. There are wars going on at every level of the universe, down the atoms at the center of our cells.

Ever since I’ve had an opinion on any of that, I’ve felt like I had a duty to spread the word about toxins that cause cancer and auto-immune diseases... and the multi-trillion dollar industries that feeds off of us being sick. It seems when there is an epidemic of any illness, that there should be more awareness around the prevention of it, right?? Well, there’s not. There’s just more expensive cures. I’ve spent so much time, money, and energy going out of my to make sure that cancer causing agents don’t infiltrate my family, which is a bitch to do in our SAD (Standard American Diet) culture. We don’t use a microwave, we only eat (mostly) organic, and we avoid weird chemicals, vaccines, parabens, fragrances, plastics, dyes. Jesus, the list goes on forever, doesn’t it? We don’t have a water filtration system on our house (yet) and we do still breathe the air and we still eat 5 points pizza. As much as I’ve tried, there’s always more that I have to purge if I want the experience of a vital existence, which is my highest desire. My health doesn’t seem as resilient as it used to be. I have hormone issues, painful fibrocystic breasts, anxiety, inflammation. Life (kids) has played its tole. But it’s not as simple as these symptoms I’ve just listed or any lack of attempt at curing them myself. There’s an underlying cause that is an entity in itself. Since I was born, I’ve had the "silent little c" - candida. And as it turns out, I’m not alone. Most Americans are born with Candida Albicans, which is a fungus/parasite that is plaguing between seventy and ninety percent of us, myself and I’m sure some of my kids included. Candida starts in the gut and spreads throughout the whole body. It lays low and tries not to cause too much of a ruckus, while slowly draining your organs of vital nutrients. (easy way to test if you have it here)

Although most western oncologists don’t want to admit it, it is now believed that Cancer IS Candida. Whether or not cancer is an actual fungal infection or not, there is no doubt that candida albicans plays a huge role in preparing the body for a normal cell to mutate into a cancer cell which then start multiplying and spreading.

It seems almost too obvious since at least 97% (probably more like 100%) of those who have cancer, also have candida. Here’s why.

Candida moves all over the body, sets up colonies, and then deprives that area of oxygen, releasing some 75 toxins, and priming the location for cancer cells that do not require oxygen to set up shop. Candida feeds off of sugar, yeast, processed everything, and acidifies the blood. It also steals your good nutrients to feed themselves so your body doesn’t properly absorb what it needs. So it creates the perfect environment for, or it creates, cancer! Candida, just like cancer, is brilliant too. It can live anywhere in your body! It mimics almost all other diseases in its symptoms, so when trouble is detected in someone’s health, people don’t attribute it to the underlying candida, they treat the disease that they think you have! Like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, celiac disease, stress and/or depression, CANCER, and so many more.

Its communication system alone deserves a blog of its own. These overgrowths of yeast suppress the immune system and are able to, essentially, talk to each other as if they’re all one thing. If you attack it in one spot, it becomes resistant to that method in all the other areas.

This is why candida, like cancer, is a pain in the ass to heal. It usually takes at least a year and involves a horrible week long or more “die-off” period of time that usually defeats those that try to get through it. You have to kick all your habits, not eat in most restaurants, stay away from sweets and convenient foods, spend extra hours planning and preparing food. All these things are doable for a while, but for years?

Once you start the process of removing the sugars, grains, and gluten in your diet and replacing all those things with (expensive) produce, and (spending tons of time on) prepping all that food, you then have to face the emotional layer that comes up, which then takes you to the spiritual planes for healing. And while all of this is good stuff, doing its job to heal you, trying to run a whole busy life with kids in the process makes it damn near impossible.

Healing candida is a full-time job in itself. And most of us need to take that job seriously. Especially me. And especially now. I’ve tried numerous times to beat it on my own, but because of holidays/birthdays that occur every month and my kids’ diet, I’ve never been successful for any length of time. <----- hence the vulnerability of this post. But that is why I’m writing about it. I’d like to think that if I document my journey with healing candida on myself that it may help someone else. After making the connection that candida IS the epidemic behind so many diseases and knowing that I am already in that statistic, that I had to heal myself pronto because it's not a luxury to take time for myself, it's a requirement. This disease is so much more than its physical form. Its roots go back lifetimes. So my treatment of it will have more than just diet involved.

2017 will be dedicated to overcoming candida and nurturing my vitality. Because if I can’t do it, I don’t know how I could counsel anyone else to.

If there is anyone else that would like to join me this year and share stories and struggles, please reach out. I love you all.

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