New Moon in Sagittarius {expanded general horoscope}

Inspiration doesn't always come in the most inspiring ways.

In fact, it seems these past few months, MOST of the inspiration in the air has come from the bullshit. The failures. The upheavals. The rocks in the hard places. The trump cards. While all the inner battles and expired intentions are definitely modes of motivation, they're not necessarily pleasant.

This is a good time to deal with it though. Lilith, handler of the taboo and mysterious, is pulling up the rear behind the moon to support us with the powerlessness of our psyche. Our deepest and our darkest is no contender to what Lilith is able to absorb. Sometimes our minds are more trouble than they're worth. We get frustrated at the questions we can't answer or the inspiration that isn't there. This dark moon Lilith helps us let go of what our egos tend to hold on to in order to make us feel safe, albeit possibly paralyzed.

Right now is not a time for comfort! It's time to shed the shells we've outgrown so we can make ones that fit the size of our soul now, since it has expanded!! Our exposed self may feel tender and raw and we may feel like hiding while our new skin grows. But unfortunately, this new moon is in fiery Sagittarius --- home of the the gallant centaur who aims his bow high and sees exactly where his visionary bow must land... way afar! There is quite a distance between here, where you are, and there, where your bow has just arrived. To claim this domain, you now must travel there yourself.

Not only must you go the distance, but these lands are covered with fire and mountainous terrain, completely blazon with your passions and fears.

"Do I dare DO what my gut tells me to do and walk this treacherous adventure? Is it worth it? Can I live with myself if I decide to play it safe?"

The truth is that it will never be as hard as it seems, even at life's toughest turns.

Saturn is at the forefront of this new moon conjunction with the sun so you may feel like there are boundaries that you can't break through. But as the week progresses, the moon moves on and you should get past this myth I just described. The one that said you must live through this horrible vision of a nightmare in order to achieve what is rightfully yours: the creation of your soul's work. The life that you've given birth to! Sometimes that work is hard. But it will never be harder than the obvious next step.

The way through this energy is by finding a path that is yours and yours alone. It may be entirely different than everyone's paths around you. Uranus's influence on this moon invites us all to travel the roads less traveled by, to help you find your way out of the fire that you feel surrounded by. Call it intuition, call it your gut, it is yours to depend on.

Trust it to guide you.

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