The Resistor Goes with the Flow

We never give our resistance enough credit for what it does to change our lives.

Usually our enemies, or sorrows, or frustrations, are the energies we desperately want to get rid of, do away with, not have, or by-God fix somehow. But those that give you the most trouble, teach you the biggest lessons. And rarely do they get a thank-you.

{ The floor always gets clean when something disgusting enough falls on it. Right?

But you probably don't thank the milk for your floor being shiny after you mop... }

Most of us are ok with a certain level of dissatisfaction, but it's not until things get to a breaking point that we learn the lesson and start to fight back, or fight forward, or maybe just slow down the power of what doesn't serve you so you can better move with the flow.

Resistance slows energy from its current flow and contributes to its potential.

Without resistance, the energy would become destructive. Resistance releases excess energy in order to create something that works.

Between the Black Moon and the Super Moon

We just went through a New (Black) Moon phase that had us setting intentions for our long-term future. We were given access to the resources of our past, ancestors, and even past lives. Anything that didn't serve us before, would serve us now. The sins of our fathers are now going to work in our benefit! To put it simply, the darkness of our past will now push us forward into a higher potential future.. If we can flow with it.

Whatever it was that we all intended two weeks ago was a culmination of an intention that was set for us long before we were born. It brought about a process of resistance that we cannot possibly understand, but that IS contributing to our higher good.

Super Moon in Taurus

Any good gardener knows that when you plant seeds, you must also weed. You must do the work. When you decide to become the person you were truly meant to become, you'd better be prepared to deal with stuff on an emotional level and face your attachments. Whatever they are, your weeds, yourself, your worldview. The things that keep you comfortable and numb, however pretty, are choking you and taking away your personal space to grow.

The Super Moon highlighted what must be plucked from our garden. The two weeks between the new and full moons came with their fair share of weeding, for sure. New boundaries were set. We noticed what we are intolerant of, what we will or will not accept in our lives.. We were given a heightened awareness of who we are in the world. As a result, the potential planted in the center of our hearts is now prepared to let go of the energies that are "too much", the ones that are destructive to our intentions.

These nuisances are intended push you in order to make a new resolve. They are the ingredients for the freshly composted and mineral rich dirt to grow the highest version of yourself. Compost is made from spoiled, rotten, and disgusting leftovers, some chicken shit, and nature's shedding leaves. It's all that is not wanted. But with the help of icky bugs and worms consuming that nastiness and the sun shining its heat, the heap turns into a nurturing substance that supports all of life.

In the lovely inhabited ground, that is Taurus, we find our internal roots as this Super Moon processes our soil. The goal is to let die what is rotten in order to nourish the foundation of what is growing. To appreciate the process, and then tend to your garden and keep it clean.


I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

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