The Subtlety Diet

“You can’t beat the darkness.”

“Nobody has ever beat the darkness, ok Lindsay?!?”

My guru chuckled, “You can’t beat the darkness in the world.”

The smirk faded, “Nobody ever has.”

“The darkness is there and it penetrates all the way through our universe!

Well, when you put it that way. I guess I had taken on a sort of God complex in my expectations for myself. Save the world from evil? Really? No wonder I feel a lack of worth in my ability to measure up.

I went to see this wise friend and guru because I have stuff to work on in my healing journey. It’s always good to have him be a part of that. He brings a lot of wisdom and perspective to the process. This appointment with him took a lot off my plate.

I realized my outrage with evil was kind of ridiculous. I mean really, I can’t believe what is happening in the world? C’mon, history is drenched in evil and nasty carnage. A disbelief that evil could even exist, or that it shouldn’t exist just makes me useless in my ability to be a light in the midst of it.

It’s easy to look at the world and easily identify with precision what is wrong. Just like it’s easy to see how “other” people could heal their marriages or solve their problems. But we all have our own darkness and it’s about the only thing we have the power to do anything about.

Projection in psychology means that you defend yourself against your own unconscious impulses and qualities and deny that those things exist in yourself because you attribute them to others.

It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, basically.

We are all doing it. All of the time. The things that bother us, reside in us. We see hate and fear because we know it all too well. It’s humbling for me to know this because it means that I have the power to DO something about it…for me.

So I’m going down this road of projection as a process in healing.

I’m observing what I notice, what drives my emotions and reactions, what I feel powerless over and without blaming the world for being a place with hunger, hate, greed, and corruption (and lots of hateful stupid people), I will see it as a place where darkness simply exists. Like a mother would over her sick children.

Here’s my goal, or hypothesis, or affirmation, if you will:

By following the path of my intuition into the subtle world, I will sink into a more vital existence without the spiraling of emotions, excess stress and powerlessness, inflammation, candida, debt, and loneliness. I also believe that I will be less judgmental, more in-tune, and more able to love myself and others completely while also being more effective in making the world a better place.

How will I do that, you ask?

By way of The Subtlety Diet.

First we start with a good cleansing, which means eliminating the GROSS and replacing it with the subtle.

What I mean by gross, is not just the yuck, but the GROSS senses. The ones that get tantalized everyday. The ones that are constantly taking in input. The ones that are deeply embedded into the material and physical world of “I want all my favorite things all the time.” We rarely allow ourselves to simply unfold into just our necessities to discover the hidden world of our Subtle Senses.

Most of these “gross” things have a high acid pH. Sugar, meat, cheese, dairy, bread, all the soul food, all the processed. It all fits in the acid category. Some of this is good some of the time, but these food groups are WAY over-consumed, leading to the epidemic of diseases caused by inflammation, which is like, all of them.

Unfortunately we’re not just talking about food on this diet though. That would be way too easy. This is a lifestyle diet.

It’s all of the fast moving, multi-tasking, technology, traffic, politics, hunger, anger and facebook. All of this goes in the Gross Reality basket.

The other side of the equation is the Subtle Reality. It includes alkaline superfoods that are cleansing and can restore your body back to health with the help of a good gut cleanse and some lifestyle changes. These foods don’t explode with flavor though, unless you’ve removed highly acidic foods from your diet and restored your taste buds to be sensitive enough to taste the vibrance in fruits and vegetables.

Aside from alkaline foods, we have to slooooww waaay dowwwwnnnnnn. Do one thing at a time, drive carefully and let people in front of us, breathe deeper, stay in the moment, eat more often, do more art, and sign the hell off of Facebook. This creates the subtle reality and feeds your spirit in very deeeeep way.

Now I’m tricking myself a little because the high that I get off of the subtle world is much more intense and pleasurable than Gross Reality highs, but you just can’t take a hit and get there right away. You have to get there by relaxing into it and not being so attached to the physical world of constant pleasure seeking. The pleasure of the Subtle world is real and purely satisfying and makes listening to your intuition much more possible.

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