The Warrior on Terror

It’s hard to see the world these days and not want to fight it.

There’s an anger, a disappointment, a lack of what there should be, and too much of what there shouldn’t.

I get it.

I went crying to my guru recently about how I felt just completely powerless over this evil empire controlling the world.

I went on for a few moments over all the injustices and terror that I struggle with the most. Tears were falling. The pain goes deep.

I sat there and tried to get words out of my mouth until the guru stopped me and gave me an analogy that may have changed my life.

He told me about two kinds of ninjas. The one that fights and destroys his enemy. And the one that dismantles his enemy’s power and therefore defeats him.

He said, “You can use all your strength and power to kill your enemy. That’s definitely an option, totally wrecking its existence, wiping it from the face of the earth.”

“But that will have its consequences. It will take a lot out of you. You’ll need time to recover and heal and get your energy back. Plus, you’ve just killed someone.”

“Your other option is to take away your opponent’s power by not giving them any. This way, you keep your energy, you dismantle your enemy, and you didn’t have to kill anyone.”


He followed this up with the big wake up call, that I’m not going to be able to end the suffering of the world.

Seriously, look at Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, a whole slew of Hindu Gods, and Mother Theresa. They couldn’t end the suffering in the world.

Even with all the God loving people that have ever lived! It seems that not too many of them listen to the actual instruction given by these masters as the way to peace!!

Lao Tzu, Buddha’s teacher and writer of the Tao Te Ching, says that when goodness is lost, it is replaced by morality. We cannot have light without darkness. He also said that the more laws and regulations there are [trying to stop evil], the more thieves and robbers there will be.

Buddha said that suffering is a part of living. That suffering comes from craving, ego, fear, and attachment to impermanent things. The way to Nirvana is through detachment.

Jesus said that we must turn the other cheek when our foes slap our face. We must walk farther than they want us to go. Give them our coat when they steal our shirt. He never said to go in with all your weapons and destroy them! He said that “however you treat the least of them, you treat me”.

It’s obvious that my pain was a direct result of wanting the world to be some other way than is presently is. My attachment to wanting it to change, my ego thinking it could change it, and my unwillingness to forgive, have all taken their toll. Not on my enemy of course, but on me. Plus, these states of being, rendered me useless in shining any light.

Is it not true, that in our country we have given so much of our power to those we despise? We see the state of the world based on a handful of events and our collective opinions about them. We assume that what we are focused on is all there is.

We are losing the war on terror, not because there is more terror in the world, but because everyone is terrified. We’re safer from violence than we’ve ever been since the beginning of The US, but we are more afraid than we’ve ever been at the same time.

Fear is our only enemy.

How many quotes do I need to find to illustrate that?

And usually the monster in our closet is really just an annoying old toy whose batteries are dying.

Take Trump, for instance.

He is a cancer. Not in astrology, he’s a Gemini like me, but in America and the rest of the world he is a cancerous cell dividing and metastasizing.

Now depending on how you view cancer, this can be a bad thing, or this could be good.

If you see cancer as something to fear, a potential death threat that you must fight with all your might, kill and destroy, then I can see why you’d be worried about our future.

But if you see cancer as an opportunity to heal, a potential gift that brings light to the toxicity so that it can be released. And you decide to nourish the whole body, mind, and spirit so that it may heal itself the way it was designed to, then you can dismantle the cancer and find a new life of heightened potential. And you didn’t have to kill anything. You don’t have to recover. You’re healed.

We heal and find our power when we’ve changed our consciousness.

We focus on what we want instead of what we don’t.

We nourish the body while it undergoes stress.

We strengthen brotherhood to show our enemy who is boss.

We forgive.

And we love. Mostly, we have to love.

“if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” – Romans 12:20

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