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What is Ghee?


Ghee is a magical clarified butter.

A clear golden oil that is shelf stable for a hundred years and can heat to 450 degrees!

Use in place of any oil for cooking, frying, or spreading.


It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and has a wide range of health benefits. It increases energy and digestion, helps your body to absorb nutrients, strengthens the immune system, fights cancer, supports the intestines, alkalizes your blood, and helps eliminate toxins. It's good for the brain and nervous system and has anti-inflammatory properties.


This ghee is made on full and new moons and captures the energy of that time as it aligns with the current astrological lunar transits. Full moon ghee is auspicious as it stimulates nourishment by the light of the moon. New moon ghee is perfect for intention setting and new beginnings.


A prayer ritual is performed over the ghee and it is blessed with reiki, gratitude, and love so that it may go on to bless the bodies of those who use it. Each jar is labeled with the corresponding Sabian Symbol for the degree of the full/new moon.


Transformation is healing. Ghee symbolizes that in its alchemy.