“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within...a chance to go to work.”
~Dr. Albert Schweitzer

The main difference between natural holistic medicine

and that of modern conventionally trained doctors is that

holistic practitioners rely on methods that build on the

extraordinary ability of the body to heal itself.


Everyone gets sick for different reasons and everyone's healing needs to be individually their own. Conventional medicine doesn't give you a lot of options. Chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery may be of good use and you may choose to go one of those routes. But please know that there are hundreds of other tools that can be of benefit to you.


Complementary approaches can do a great deal to reduce side effects of cancer and its treatments, as well as assist in the treatment itself, making it more successful.


There are also many alternatives to conventional therapies altogether.


The trouble with these countless options is that too much information can sometimes be an overload and may lead to what we call "analysis paralysis": You don't know what to trust, plus everyone has an opinion.


My job is to help you navigate that road and assure you that you have time to decide the best course for you, from wherever you are now.

It is more important to know the patient that has the disease than the disease that has the patient.

~ Sir William Osler, the Father of Modern Medicine

I want to get to know YOU and empower you to get to the root of your disease, increase your quality of life, deal with the nasty side effects of cancer and its conventional treatment, and find some peace in your recovery.

You need to know that YOU are in the driver's seat.


You have choices.


And there is always hope.

What I do for you:

Initial Consult + Follow up - 

We start with a thorough review:

- You tell me about you. 

- We discuss the choices, the limitations, and your most pressing needs.

- We look for what may have been the cause of your illness.

- I help you get connected with your "doctor within" as we review different healing modalities. We find a path that sounds like it will fit into your life

- We examine lifestyle and dietary habits that can be adjusted.

- Then, you will receive the first list of recommendations and/or referrals. This packet is designed to get you set up for success!

Ongoing Services:

I'm your number one advocate:

- *24/7 availability by text* You can always get your questions answered.

- Same-day priority scheduling for all calls.

- Up to date interactive calendar management for all your healing protocols.

- I provide ongoing coaching as you travel every twist and turn of treatment.

- You'll receive reliable information and explanations for countless supplemental

  and alternative therapies that may be right for you, plus support in implementing  them into your life.

- I'll show you easy ways of managing nasty side effects of conventional cancer


- Where appropriate, I can give you referrals to the holistic specialists that will best

  serve you.