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"A physician without a  knowledge of astrology has no right to call themselves a physician"


Medical astrology is the oldest form of diagnostic medicine. While allopathic medicine is in its infancy (about 100 years old), Astrology dates back some 4,000 years to the Greeks and the early contributions of Plato, Aristarchus, and Eudoxus. The studies of these wise men led to Ptolemy’s formulation of modern astrological theory. And using Ptoloemy’s system of correspondences, Hippocrates (father of modern medicine) formulated his entire philosophical system!

The individual’s natal chart was considered to be so important in determining health and curing disease that Hippocrates made the statement many times that a man could not claim oneself a doctor without the proper knowledge of astrology.

When you talk about holistic health, astrology is half of the pie. It is the often overlooked macro (what surrounds us) to the micro (what’s within us).

It also approaches health from a viewpoint that energy is at the root of everything, so in the attempt to heal ourselves or be whole, we are simply balancing our energies.

By looking at your chart, I can see where your strong and weak points are. What systems may be more prone to being over or under worked. I can observe inherent and karmic patterns that create *potentials* for certain states of the body. In this way, the chart is being used as a preventative tool that gives much information for ways toward better health and fulfillment. 

Astrology does not determine your health! It simply shows us tendencies, our patterns and unawarenesses, if you will. It is a tool to help us be more objective in order to trust our intuitions, and create a union within ourselves so that we can be productive on whatever path we choose.